Early Inspiration

Doc graduated from the Architecture School at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy NY. While there, he worked in an architect's office between classes and during school vacations. Beyond architecture, his interest in Landscape Architecture began to blossom during this period. One of his greatest inspirations during Doc's early was Ian McHarg, who Doc had heard speak. McHarg's principles of environmentally based design, as outlined in his landmark 1969 book "Design With Nature" came to be forever imprinted on Doc's creative processes.

Also while still a young man, Doc first read about a man who he regards as  a great hero, a Dutch born, California based architect named Sim Van der Ryn. Van der Ryn first became well known for his work in the early 60's while on the faculty of at Cal Berkely/College of Environmental Design. In the 1970s Van der Ryn founded the Farallones Institute which helped to create national awareness of "ecologically integrated living design." In 1975, then-Governor Jerry Brown appointed him California State Architect. In that role, he developed the nation's first standards for energy-efficient state office buildings, among other accomplishments.  His philosophy is best summed up by the quote "The most important thing that designers can learn from nature is that we are not separate from nature."

Early Career

Several years after graduation, Doc and his wife relocated to Dayton, Ohio to work on the planning & design of Newfields, a "new town" being planned and constructed in nearby Trotwood. The basic concept behind Newfields was to apply the "ecological planning" principles articulated by Ian McHarg. Various natural constraints such as soils, depth to bedrock, wetlands, steep slopes, etc, were overlayed to determine suitable areas of development of the land.

The Rouse Company & Columbia & ........

In early 1980, Doc went to work for The Rouse Company (TRC) founded by the legendary James Rouse. He lived & worked in Columbia, Maryland, a "new town" that was developed by TRC. Doc remained with TRC for 24 years, working much of that time on the continuing planning & development of Columbia. The planning of Columbia began in the early '60s while Doc was still a student and before the publication of McHarg's book. The core principles of planning, were again environmentally based and "respect for the land." The in-house shorthand for the process became known as "talking to the land." Respect for nature and natural processes imbued the TRC culture.

Doc was also directly involved in the design & developed of a number of other "master planned communities. Significant among these is Bridgeland, a 11,400 acre "new town" located immediately northwest of Houston, TX. Doc was very involved in all aspects of the project following the acquisition of the land by The Rouse Company.

General Growth Properties & LEED

Following the acquisition of TRC by General Growth Properties in 2004, Doc continued his involvement with Bridgeland.


After formation, one of TOMe LLCs early assignments was with Haven Homes, Inc. a modular home builder that specialized in custom homes. This progressed into a three year relationship, where Doc worked with the President of the company and served as Haven's SME ("Subject Matter Expert") on green home building. Doc worked with several dozen "green" programs representing the Company, including among others, Energy Star, LEED for Homes, Earthcraft House, Chicago Green Homes, and the Florida Green Building Program. Doc became a LEED Accredited Professional and now holds the title LEED AP (Building Design + Construction). He also became an Accredited Verifier under the National Green Building Standard, the ANSI standard in the United States for Residential Green Building.

U.S. Green Building Council

TOMe LLC is a full member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Tom "Doc: Brudzinski is a member of the Maine Chapter of USGBC. He has been a member of .the Chapter's Membership Committee and is currently its Chair. Doc also is a member of the Board of Directors. Further, he serves as the Chapter's representative to the USGBC/Upper Northeast Regional Committee in which he is also very active.

National Green Building Standard

Tom is one of the few Maine residents who is an Accredited Verifier for the  National Green Building Standard, the ANSI standard for residential building in the United States. THis work is preformed thru Horizon Residentail Energy Services/

Continuing Work