Whose site is this?

Created in 2007, TOMe LLC represents a conscious move from the corporate world to one with full, direct individual attention to the situation.

The advisory consulting services offered by TOMe LLC are the synthesis of real world experience with a particular set of program information to tell the project story with concepts that are substantive, iconic, authentic, adaptable and sustainable.

While a not at all limiting listing, the experiences anchoring TOMe LLC
can be grouped under several general headings:



All of these categories have as their basis, Doc's skill and experience at IDEATION, the creative process of generating, developing and communicating (telling the story) new ideas.

The title on Tom "Doc" Brudzinski’s card indicates that he is 
“Director of Time + Space.” While used with a smile, it also reinforces the idea that the services provided are not limited to traditional forms.

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Beyond TOMe LLC, Tom "Doc" Brudzinski is also directly involved in            LobstArt Studios, which uses artistic interpretations of to tell the stories, of anything, such as, but not only, lobsters, pigs, architecture, social entrepreneuring........

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