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You have found the web place to discover the story and genius loci of TOMe, an LLC consultancy providing a wide variety of planning & design advisory services.

TOMe LLC is the vehicle for sharing the story of the polymathic interests and 45+ years of Tom "Doc" Brudzinski's unique professional experiences involved in a wide variety of aspects of the built and graphic environment.


1 Grassy Rd.

Orr's Island, ME 04066


410.3361609 [T]

866.524.5692 [C]

Throughout my career in design, whatever the nature of the specific task, my work has been about understanding the NEED, getting the right IDEA and then telling a "STORY" about it.

A great word for it is.........

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I also have a related business that assists in telling the story thru ART/ILLUSTRATION.

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While TOMe LLC is based on the beautiful coast of Maine, (43*46'N, 69*59'w)  there are no limits to the geographic scope of its work. 

Note that this site is still in development and mew information is being added continuously, I hope that you will bear with me until the site is fully populated.

If you have any questions in the interim, please EMail me at doc@tome-place.com